VaporSolve™ Tie Coat Off White Moisture Remediation Coating (2 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: VS-TC-A
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A fast drying water-based epoxy for use over moisture vapor remediation systems to ensure the adhesion of subsequently applied self-leveling cementitious products.

VaporSolve™ Tie Coat Off White Moisture Remediation Coating: Features and Usage

VaporSolve™ Tie Coat is a two-component, fast-curing water-based epoxy formulated for use over non-porous surfaces such as VaporSolve™ Moisture Remediation Systems. VaporSolve™ Tie Coat ensures adhesion of subsequently applied cementitious overlays. VaporSolve™ Tie Coat adheres tenaciously to hard glossy surfaces and provides an excellent bonding surface for the overlay. It dries in 30-60 minutes depending upon job conditions and is safe and offers great ease of use.

Chemical Composition

Epoxy resin dispersion crosslinked with a water-soluble amine adduct.


Off White


  • Available in 2 and 3 gallon pre-measured kits only.


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