VaporSolve™ Joint Filler Clear Fast Cure Moisture Barrier Coating (3 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: VS-JF-FC-C
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Faster-curing version of VaporSolve Joint Filler.

VaporSolve™ Joint Filler Clear Fast Cure Moisture Barrier Coating: Features and Usage

VaporSolve™ Joint Filler is a specially formulated, non-shrinking, semi-flexible epoxy paste used for filling joints and cracks in concrete that will receive the VaporSolve™ coating system. It is cured with a hydrophobic curing agent that allows it to cure fully in the wet, alkaline environment found in concrete with moisture problems. VaporSolve™ Joint Filler is modified with a novel raw material that is able to provide flexibility with minimal effect on the water and alkalinity resistance of the material. VaporSolve™ Joint Filler contains no plasticizers, phenols or unreacted amines that could migrate out of the cured material and compromise its performance. This is the fast cure version of VaporSolve™ Joint Filler.

Chemical Composition

Internally flexibilized Bisphenol A epoxy cross linked with a hydrophobic amine curing agent.




  • Excessive substrate movement can cause hairline cracking.


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