VaporSolve™ FC (Fresh Concrete) Clear Moisture Barrier Coating (2 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
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Specially-formulated epoxy for application 6-24 hours after concrete pour. Eliminates need for sub-slab vapor retarder, curing compound, shotblasting.

VaporSolve™ FC (Fresh Concrete) Clear Moisture Barrier Coating: Features and Usage

VaporSolve™ FC (Fresh Concrete) is a specially formulated water-based epoxy for use over freshly poured concrete to act as a high performance concrete curing compound and as a primer under VaporSolve™ 100 material. VaporSolve™ FC has been formulated with very low viscosity and surface tension to ensure excellent substrate wetting, penetration and adhesion. Its unique chemistry gives it excellent affinity for the moist, alkaline conditions found in freshly poured concrete. Its ability to hold moisture in fresh concrete far exceeds the capabilities of conventional curing compounds and results in better-hydrated and stronger concrete.

When applied as a system, VaporSolve™ FC and VaporSolve™ 100 prevent moisture migration though the concrete slab and allow the application of moisture sensitive flooring after 12 hours. The use of this unique system eliminates the need for a sub-slab vapor retarder as well as the need for shotblasting prior to the application of subsequent flooring or coatings.

Chemical Composition

Modified Bisphenol F epoxy with a water-soluble amine. System modified with a silane adhesion promoter.




  • To avoid the need for substrate profiling, product must be applied over freshly poured concrete (within 24 hours of placement). If this window is exceeded, surface must me mechanically prepared by light shotblasting.
  • Coating must be applied at specified thickness and worked into the surface.
  • If the 10 Year Gold Warranty has been purchased, application must be done by a factory-approved contractor or under the supervision of an APF technical representative.
  • Do not apply if concrete could freeze before the building is climatized.


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