VaporSolve™ 100 Pigmented Fast Cure Moisture Barrier Coating (1 Gallon Kit)
  • VaporSolve™ 100 Pigmented Fast Cure Moisture Barrier Coating (1 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
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Faster-curing, pigmented version of the standard product. The pigmented version must be used over the VaporSolve™ Primer.

VaporSolve™ 100 Pigmented Fast Cure Moisture Barrier Coating: Features and Usage

VaporSolve™ 100 is a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy coating designed for use over concrete with high moisture levels for the purpose of isolating the concrete from moisture sensitive flooring. When used without a primer in a single application, it is referred to as the VaporSolve™ Basic System. This system should only be used over concrete that has never been treated with reactive silicate curing compounds or densifiers.

VaporSolve™100 has been formulated with low viscosity and excellent substrate wetting capabilities to promote penetration and adhesion. The special hydrophobic curing agent allows for adhesion to damp or wet concrete. This product will cure fully even when applied underwater. In addition, VaporSolve™ 100 is based on Bisphenol F epoxy which gives the material enhanced chemical crosslinking over products based on standard Bisphenol A epoxy. More crosslinking helps to reduce the coating’s moisture permeability and increases its long-term resistance to water and alkalinity.

The material contains no plasticizers, phenols or unreacted amines that could migrate out of the cured coating and trigger osmotic blistering. The product may be applied at temperatures between 40 – 100° F.

100% solids epoxies are more prone to adhesion failure than properly formulated water-based epoxies when applied to silicate-contaminated concrete. If silicate materials have been previously applied to the concrete, or if the history of the concrete cannot be positively determined, use VaporSolve™ Primer underneath VaporSolve™ 100. The VaporSolve™ materials are designed to remediate all concrete moisture problems, regardless of severity. These systems may be used in new construction settings when a schedule must be met, yet the concrete is not dry enough to install moisture sensitive flooring. They can also be used over concrete with known moisture problems and over concrete that has been placed without a vapor retarder as a means of preventing future moisture problems.

Chemical Composition

Modified Bisphenol F epoxy crosslinked with a hydrophobic amine curing agent. Cured product contains no unreacted migrating components.


Available in White, Wheat and Delta Fog. The pigmented material must be used over the VaporSolve™ Primer.


  • Must be applied over VaporSolve™ Primer if silicate contamination of the concrete is a possibility.
  • Concrete must be clean and have a SCP profile of 3 – 4 (texture similar to 60 – 80 grit sandpaper).
  • Must be applied at the specified film thickness.
  • 100% solids epoxy coatings applied over shotblasted, unprimed concrete may exhibit outgassing bubbles. These bubbles are self-sealing and have been proven to reduce the effectiveness of the coating.


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