APF Color Fuse Water-Based Dye (1 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
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Easy to use, penetrating, water-based stain used with pigment dispersions. Excellent adhesion to diamond ground and acid etched surfaces. Pigment dispersions available as a separate product in 18 colors plus Black.

APF Color Fuse Water-Based Dye: Features and Usage

APF Color Fuse is a proprietary blend of water-soluble polymers and liquid pigment dispersions designed for staining both conventional and polymer modified concrete. When applied over conventional concrete, the use of fast dry Polyurethane 525 Primer is required. APF Color Fuse is easily applied using a pump up sprayer, HVLP or airless spray. It is designed to be reduced with equal parts water prior to use. This feature reduces shipping costs and improves the application economics.

APF Color Fuse is formulated to achieve the variegated color tones of acid stain without the necessity of rinsing and neutralizing the surface after application. Exposure to toxic acids and disposal problems are eliminated. It is available in 18 colors that can be blended or overlaid to create a wide variety of vibrant color hues. The material is translucent when used sparingly and provides a more opaque look as additional coats are applied. The various application techniques possible with this product allow for a high degree of creative expression. APF Color Fuse is designed to be sealed with either solvent based or water based polyurethane finish coats. In exterior applications, a UV absorber package must be added to the clear finish coat to protect the Color Fuse.

APF Color Fuse is ideal for creating unique looks in many commercial and residential settings. Recommended applications include restaurants, showrooms, offices, home interiors, patios, garage floors, and driveways.

Chemical Composition

Water-based polymers and liquid pigment dispersions.


18 colors available, plus Black (see color palette above).


  • Substrate must be 40° and rising.
  • When used over conventional concrete, Polyurethane 525 Primer is required.
  • A UV stabilized clear coat must be used in exterior applications.


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