APF Cem-Dye (W) Liquid Concrete Dye  (1 Pint)
  • APF Cem-Dye (W) Liquid Concrete Dye  (1 Pint)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
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Liquid concrete dye soluble in water and acetone. Designed for interior concrete staining. Available in 16 different dyes. Colors shown are approximate. Colors will vary depending on substrate color and amount of material applied.

APF Cem-Dye (W) Liquid Concrete Dye: Features and Usage

Cem-Dye (W) is a liquid dye that is soluble in water and acetone. With colors ranging from earth tones to vivid, it can be used along with acid stains or as a standalone coloring system, and is often used in conjunction with concrete polishing. Cem-Dye (W) offers a fast and affordable way to add color to interior concrete.

Chemical Composition

Metalized dye.


16 colors available (see color palette above).


  • Indoor use only.
  • Available in 16 oz. containers only.


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