Polyurethane 500 Clear Satin High Performance Coating (5 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
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Standard material with gloss lowered to 20-30 (60º measurement).*

Polyurethane 500 Clear Satin High Performance Coating: Features and Usage

Polyurethane 500 is a two component, water-based aliphatic polyurethane that provides an excellent combination of high gloss, hardness, stain resistance and gloss retention under heavy foot traffic. The material cures quickly, allowing light traffic in 4-6 hours. Resistance to yellowing and loss of gloss under UV light is excellent. For exterior applications, a special UV absorber package can be added to ensure long term UV resistance. Polyurethane 500 is user and environmentally friendly. It is VOC compliant in California.

Polyurethane 500 has been developed as a high performance finish coat for various seamless flooring, coating, and architectural concrete applications where odor cannot be tolerated. It is the ideal top coat for areas that require maximum gloss retention, ease of cleaning, and resistance to heavy foot traffic. Typical areas of application would include clean rooms, hospitals, concrete counter tops and high traffic retail areas. Polyurethane 500 is also very well suited as a high performance coating for hardwood floors.

Chemical Composition

Polyester and acrylic polyols crosslinked with aliphatic polyisocyanate.


Clear Satin


  • Application rate must be kept above 200 sq. ft. per gallon to avoid curing bubbles that can occur in heavy applications.  Do not apply when relative humidity is above 85%.
  • Application over textured surfaces such as trowel-knockdown polymer concrete must be done with  a ¾ inch nap roller and pulled tightly to avoid leaving excessive product in recessed areas.
  • Work life is considerably shortened over 90° F.
  • Do not apply material if the humidity is over 85% and ventilation is poor.  Improper cure will result.
  • Material not suited for vehicle areas. Use Polyurethane 501 for these applications.


*This coating is available with a UV absorber package which should be purchased separately and added to the product when used in exterior applications.
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