Polyurea 5001 Pigmented High Performance Coating (1 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: PA5001-A
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Pigmented version of fast-cure Polyurea 5000. Cures rapidly at temperatures down to 20º F.  Designed as a primer and base coat in one-day Granitex flooring systems.

Polyurea 5001 Pigmented High Performance Coating: Features and Usage

Polyurea 5001 is a two-component, ultra high solids, aliphatic polyurea/polyaspartic hybrid. It is a pigmented material capable of obtaining excellent adhesion to dry, properly prepared concrete. Polyurea 5001 is a low viscosity, easy to handle product that gives very high gloss finishes that are both hard and abrasion resistant. The material releases soils easily and has excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. It is a very fast curing material and may be used at temperatures as low as 20ºF, making it ideal for use in cold weather or rapid turnaround projects.

Polyurea 5001 was developed as a fast cure primer and finish coat for various protective coating and seamless flooring applications. Its use as a primer and base coat in color chip flooring allows for the application to be completed in one day, even at lower temperatures. As a fast curing high performance finish coat, typical uses would be automotive repair facilities, clean rooms, and as a top coat in various aggregate-filled epoxy flooring systems.

Chemical Composition

Hydroxyl functional polyaspartic and amine crosslinked with aliphatic isocyanate.


16 standard colors available, plus clear (see color palette above).


  • Surface must be mechanically prepared and dry.
  • Do not allow to puddle. For fastest cure, keep wet film thickness below 8 mils (200 sq. ft. per gallon).
  • When using as a primer over concrete, must be reduced 20% with acetone


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