Cem-Seal Water-Based Clear Floor Coating (1 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
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Fast drying water-based product used as a build coat over color chip flooring and as an economical sealer over polymer concrete.

Cem-Seal Water-Based Clear Floor Coating: Features and Usage

APF Cem-Seal is a water-based acrylic emulsion used in a variety of decorative concrete applications. It is available in both clear and pigmented formulations, dries quickly and is high in solids for single component emulsion type materials. Cem-Seal forms hard coating films, resists blushing and provides excellent resistance to yellowing in exterior applications.

Clear Cem-Seal was designed as a fast drying build coat in color chip flooring and as an economical sealer over polymer concrete in light duty applications. It is an excellent primer on polymer concrete when two-component polyurethane or polyurea/polyaspartics are used as finish coats.

Chemical Composition

Small particle size acrylic emulsion.




  • Do not use directly over conventional concrete.
  • Not recommended as a finish coat in high traffic areas or vehicle areas.
  • When used as a clear over exterior polymer concrete, water can migrate through cracks and joints in the substrate and temporarily darken the host surface. This darkening disappears when the substrate dries.


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