Polyaspartic 7500 VOC High Performance Clear Coating (1 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: P7500-VOC-A
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A two component, high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic that has a VOC content of less than 100 grams per liter. 

Polyaspartic 7500 High Performance Clear Coating: Features and Usage

Polyaspartic 7500 is a two component, high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic. This unique new resin chemistry has provided the raw materials to formulate this coating that gives the desirable properties of polyester-polyurethane materials with shorter cure time and less film thickness limitations. Polyaspartic 7500 is a low viscosity, easy to handle product that gives very high gloss finishes that are both hard and abrasion resistant. This material releases soil easily and has excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. Unlike conventional polyurea materials, Polyaspartic 7500 has enough work time to be applied by brush and roller. It is very rapid curing and can be returned to full service in 24 hours. For exterior applications, a UV stabilizer package is incorporated to ensure long-term gloss retention and resistance to yellowing.

Polyaspartic 7500 was developed as a high performance coating for various protective coatings and seamless flooring applications. Polyaspartic 7500 is ideally suited for use as a finish coat in color chip and color quartz flooring, automotive repair facilities, aircraft hangars, clean rooms and various types of decorative architectural concrete applications.

Chemical Composition

Hydroxyl functional polyaspartic crosslinked with aliphatic isocyanate.


Available in clear only, product may be tinted with 7500 pigment packs


  • Do not allow to puddle. Film thickness must not exceed 10 mils.


* This coating is available with pre measured pigment packs which should be purchased separately and are designed to be added to one mixed gallon of Polyaspartic 7500. 

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