Epoxy 600 Clear Floor Coating by Arizona Polymer Flooring (1.5 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: E600C-A
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A high performance binder and top coat for aggregate-filled flooring systems.  Improved chemical resistance over standard epoxy materials.  Recommended for commercial kitchen installations.

Epoxy 600 Clear Floor Coating: Features and Usage

Epoxy 600 is a low viscosity, solvent-free, 100% solids, high performance resin system designed to give improved chemical resistance over standard Bisphenol A based epoxy materials. This Bisphenol F epoxy modified material provides improved crosslinking and excellent resistance to corrosive food acids, most solvents, 50% sulfuric acid and 15% acetic acid. Epoxy 600 features low viscosity, good troweling characteristics, blush-free cures and good resistance to ambering for an epoxy material. Bonds to damp concrete. 

Epoxy 600 was formulated for use as an aggregate binder or top coat where service conditions are too severe for general purpose epoxies, but the performance of Novolac materials is not required.  Epoxy 600 is especially recommended for use in commercial kitchens. Other areas of use include food and beverage processing plants, battery rooms, wineries, breweries and dairies. 

Chemical Composition

A blend of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol F epoxy resins crosslinked with cycloaliphatic polyamines.




  • Clear product will have some tendency to amber and may not be suitable as a top coat in light colored decorative applications.
  • Should be applied with aggregate fillers in flooring applications where impact or mechanical abuse is anticipated.


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