Cem-Rez EV5500 Polymer Overlay (5 Gallon Pail)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: CR-EV5500
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Concentrated EVA polymer particularly suitable for use with stampable overlays.

Cem-Rez EV5500 Polymer Overlay: Features and Usage

Cem-Rez EV 5500 is a specially formulated polymer designed to be used in various Cem-Rez Resurfacing Systems. Cem-Rez EV 5500 produces an overlay with superior strength, durability and long term freeze/thaw resistance.

Chemical Composition

EVA Polymers.


Milky white liquid.


  • Surface must be clean and profiled.
  • Application temperature must be at least 40 degrees and rising.


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