Understanding Material Pot Life to Guarantee Job Success

As is the case with a lot of chemistry terms, we get the word polymer from a combination of two Greek words. The first is poly, meaning “many” and the second is meros, meaning,

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How Floor Coating Solids Content Relates to Your Morning Coffee

The solids content of a liquid polymer coating is a simple enough concept. Although it may sound like a contradiction, like George Carlin’s famous ‘Jumbo Shrimp’ observation, solid elements can be found in all

Avoiding Floor Coating Adhesion Failure by Increasing Surface Profile

Floor surface profiling is generally defined and understood as a sub-category of onsite floor surface preparation. Surface preparation involves other aspects in addition to profiling, including the removal of all dust, debris and contaminants

4 Key Factors in Floor Coating Application Success: Profile, Pot Life, Solids, and Thickness

Many important and interrelated critical success factors should be taken into account in order to successfully complete a floor coating application. A number of these factors can and will have a direct effect on

How to Succeed in the Floor Coatings Industry

Success for a floor coatings business can be an elusive thing. If it’s true that knowledge is power, it’s also true that knowledge alone isn’t enough to guarantee success for the floor coatings professional.