Acryseal VOC Solvent-Based Clear Floor Coating (55 Gallon Kit)
Brand: Arizona Polymer Flooring
Product Code: ACS-C-C
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Special formulation of the product designed to meet the 100 gram/liter VOC requirement.

Acryseal VOC Solvent-Based Clear Floor Coating: Features and Usage

APF Acryseal VOC is a clear, solvent-based acrylic designed for sealing conventional concrete, exposed aggregate, porous tile, concrete pavers, and a variety of architectural concrete surfaces. Acryseal is based on a hard acrylic polymer that produces coatings that give good gloss, stain- resistance and cleanability. Adhesion to properly prepared cementitious surfaces is excellent, and the material is completely non-yellowing.

Chemical Composition

High molecular weight thermoplastic acrylic resin dissolved in a specially formulated blend of solvents.




  • Do not use on exterior on-grade flagstone, sandstone or slate.
  • Use in heavy foot traffic areas requires regular maintenance coating.
  • Will not resist solvents or brake fluid.
  • Concrete must be absolutely dry.


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